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We serve the nation through our functions as we look to better utilize the space economy


We have multiple teams of scientists and engineers giving insightful research in space science


Through our outreach program, we are making impact on the local communities

Our Focus Areas

At the Kenya Space Agency

Our mission is coordinating, nurturing and developing the Kenyan Space Sector to maximise the utilization of space opportunities. Our 6 major areas of focus include:


Kenyan Scientists use space technology in conjunction with agriculture to discover how to control and ensure healthy crop growth.

Disaster Management

Satellites can be used to provide critical information to make predictions such as earthquake, locust migrations etc...


Satellite communication and imagery has been proven to be be an effective method to track security threats.


Television, radio, telephones, internet pick up signals via communication satellites.

Urban Planning

Urban developers use Satellite imaging to closely monitor and support decision making for sustainable urban planning.

Resource Management

Satellites generate multiple forms of data for private use and also for the general public.

News & Events



Conclusion of the Space Law Technical Advisory Mission

The 3- Day Kenya Technical Advisory Mission on Space Law was concluded on 20th April 2023 at the United Nations Headquarters, Nairobi. The advisory mission, tailor-made for the Government of Kenya, was jointly organised by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the Kenya Space Agency.


Taifa-1 Satellite Successful Launch

Falcon-9 rocket lifted off at 09:48 a.m. from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California with 51 satellites onboard, including Kenya’s Taifa-1 satellite. Taifa-1 satellite was successfully deployed in orbit at 10:52a.m. Kenyan time.


Breakfast Meeting with Editors

The Kenya Space Agency (KSA) is charged with the responsibility of nurturing the growth of Kenya’s space sector, and creating awareness of opportunities that come with exploitation and exploration of space.